Schedule & Practice

Time:  3rd Sunday of Each Month
10:00 am – Noon

2019 Dates:
Oct 20 / Nov 17 / Dec 15

Location: Private Residence. Please email for details.

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Sadhana Practice
Sadhana practice involves visualization, chanting a Tibetan or English liturgy and reciting Buddhist mantras. It is a means of identifying ourselves with our inherent buddha nature, our basic goodness and benevolent intention, while reducing our obsession with self-fixation.

Daily Guru Rinpoche Practice (The Continuing Combined Practice of the Vidyadhara Guru) with Tsok Offering(Feast practice)

In this practice, which comes from the terma tradition of Terchen Barway Dorje, one visualizes oneself as Guru Rinpoche, cultivating pure view and boundless love and compassion for all beings. We include a tsok or feast offering in our monthly practice, which is considered to be one of the most profound method of accumulating merit and wisdom in accelerating our progress toward buddhahood.

Click here to learn more about the meaning of tsok practice.

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